Monday, August 15, 2011

Seven-Inch Vinyl expands to a trilogy!

As the creative juices flow over me and I turn things up a notch in writing the sequel “Beyond Vinyl: The Saga Continues” a whole new set of ideas, characters and events propelled me beyond the planned parameters of book two. What choice do I have but to plan for a third, “When Gold Turns To Gray.”

The title was determined by the results of a poll conducted on Facebook recently. By way of explanation, it exemplifies the GOLDen tunes of the past as they and their fans turn GRAY. I want to thank those who participated in the poll. The book will take readers into the new millennium but will remain faithful to the music of the fifties and sixties as the baby boomer generation start to collect Social Security.

But let’s backtrack to book two.

Chapter one begins sixteen years after the events depicted in Seven-Inch Vinyl into the year 1986. Chapter two will flashback to the very minute when Book one ends to follow the life of Joseph Rabinowitz as his amazing journey continues. Flash backs and flash forwards will be the essence of the saga as we return to characters and events we merely touched upon before. We’ll learn more about Chanticleer and his young adult life. Janet’s travels through England will be explored with more in-depth detail. Surprising new characters will be introduced to carry the narrative forward. Other musical genres will come on the scene, Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, Southern Rock and Disco just to name a few will take their place on the record charts but the oldies revival era will continue to grow and flourish both with live shows and on radio and television.

As we did in the first book we’ll traverse the years using real life events that demonstrate how Rock and Roll impacted history and vice versa. The chapter “John and Tricky Dick” will deal with the way the Nixon administration waged war on former Beatle John Lennon when the latter sought to become a spokesperson for the anti-war movement. “Greetings From the Children of Planet Earth,” will continue our fascination with space travel. And in “.44” we’ll see how a deranged killer almost single-handedly destroyed the New York nightclub scene in the seventies.

There will be moments of great joy and sadness within the pages of “Beyond Vinyl,” another treasure trove of emotional memories for those who lived it. The ending will leave readers clamoring for more.

Look for “Beyond Vinyl: The Saga Continues” coming in early 2012.

In case you haven’t caught on to the Seven-Inch Vinyl experience you can order your copy today by using the instructions on the right-side scroll of this blog. Take a look at prior blog posts to see what critics and readers alike have to say.

Much Love,
Donald Riggio

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  1. What a great idea! Congrats on your continued success, you are definitely on a roll ;)
    Can't wait to read the sequels.