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A Steller Review and some Amazon Readers comments on Seven-Inch Vinyl:

The following review appears in July 2011 issue of Pop Culture Classics Magazine:

This highly entertaining novel takes readers from the raw roots of rockabilly through doo-wop, girl groups, into psychedelic sounds and beyond. A wide spectrum of colorful characters is introduced. But the main protagonist is Joseph Rabinowitz. Renamed Joe Rabin, he carves out a career as a songwriter, producer and record exec. Real-life rock figures are sprinkled throughout. And the fictitious characters are composites of many of the greats, such as Phil Spector, Goffin and King, Mann and Weill, Elvis, Colonel Tom, The Blossoms, The Ronettes, etc. We see rock ‘n’ roll rise from ingenuous, mom-and-pop beginnings through payola and mob connections, finally surging towards big business. Riggio provides just the right amount of social and political landmarks, putting the story in context. This is a very satisfying, entertaining work.

I offer my wholehearted thanks to the editors of Pop Culture Classics for their kind words.

The following are readers comments posted on the page:

K. M. says:

July 10, 2011 at 10:58 pm
Donald Riggio has hit it out of the park writing about how rock and roll came to be. His novel, SEVEN INCH VINYL, keeps you guessing about who he’s really portraying. The characters he writes about have such a realness about them because he used a conglomeration of several real-life industry people. His historical intertwining of world events places you squarely in his book for anyone who was alive when JFK was shot or when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. A fun, quick read which leaves you wanting for more…. can’t wait till the sequal comes out!

Brigitte in NJ -
This review is from: Seven-Inch Vinyl: A Rock and Roll Novel (Paperback)
The author tells a realistic story of rock 'n' roll's early days, always including as a backdrop the current events of the time and how they affected the story's characters. The story brought me back to my teen years, as I recalled how it was to walk the halls of my high school while holding my transistor radio up to my ear so as not to miss any of my favorite singers' newest songs. Well done, Donald!

5.0 out of 5 stars Seven - Inch Vinyl, June 3, 2011
By G.C.
This review is from: Seven-Inch Vinyl: A Rock and Roll Novel (Paperback)
Just For The Record :

Seven Inch Vinyl - written by by Don Riggio

Donald's novel , Seven Inch Vinyl is a rollercoaster ride,blast back to the past, A must have for fans young and old of " Recorded Sound" as told on the ' Printed Page "

Donald's book takes us to the birth of Rock and Roll and.........Beyond

A brilliant and thoughtful book :
that captured the very essence of growing up " Way back then !!

5.0 out of 5 stars A MUST READ!!, May 28, 2011

This review is from: Seven-Inch Vinyl: A Rock and Roll Novel (Paperback)
I have read this book, twice now and am ready to leave my feedback. Not that I am anyone special, nor do I hold any degrees. I am just your average laid back person with her feet planted firmly in the ground. I have read so many books, by so many top DJs', artists and fans of our music. That said, this book, "Seven-Inch Vinyl" takes you on a different journey. One that no one else dares to take you on. One that many do not want you to know about. I love the honesty of this writer. The places he take you to is so unfamiliar, yet familiar. I applaud the honesty of his words and how he does not pull any punches. He allows them to land where they belong and not make any excuses. Bravo for what this book tells about the realities of the music industry. I highly endorse this book and recommend it to be on everyones bookshelf, thin from reading it over and over. Well done, my friend, well done, indeed!
This review is from Lucill whom the book was purchased for by my husband. Donald Riggio did one hell of a job putting you right there in the thick of things. Great job, Don!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Bring Back 45 rpm Records, April 28, 2011
By I.B.

This review is from: Seven-Inch Vinyl: A Rock and Roll Novel (Paperback)
In his new book "Seven-Inch Vinyl: A Rock and Roll Novel", Donald Riggio pays
great tribute to the music of the 1950's and early 1960's when millions of
young teens spent all their allowance on records. They would play these records
day and night until the records got all scratched and worn out. I know because
I was one of those young teens.

Mr. Riggio comes from The Bronx, home of great doo-wop groups such as
Dion & The Belmonts,Johnny & Joe, The Demensions, and The Chantels. He is the
Facebook D.J. in every way as he plays his videos on his facebook Wall, and gives
us biographies of the song & singer.

His book cover says it all. It was all about the 45 rpm. This book cover is
so very colorful and truly catches the eye of the reader. It brings back the
greatest memories of when music was really music, not noise, no foul words, no
bad messages......the songs of yesterday were filled with words of LOVE.

Kudos to Mr. Riggio. We share the same publisher, so I say welcome to the family.
I also vote Mr. Riggio as the #1 man you would want to do a slow dance with!!!

My name is Irene Brodsky, part-time teacher of writing skills at Brooklyn College
City University of New York, and full time author:
"Poetry Unplugged"
"Adventures of Silly Kitty, Princess Jasmine and First Puppy"
"Queen Esther's New Coloring Book"

5.0 out of 5 stars Memories, April 5, 2011
Dennis N. Griffin "Denny Griffin, author" (Las Vegas, Nevada) -
This review is from: Seven-Inch Vinyl: A Rock and Roll Novel (Paperback)
Thanks Mr. Riggio for writing this book! I was a kid growing up in the 50s and 60s and the story certainly brought back memories of those days. This is a must read for folks my age and a should read for everyone else.

5.0 out of 5 stars No bookmark needed, March 23, 2011
D. O. (New Jersey) -

This review is from: Seven-Inch Vinyl: A Rock and Roll Novel (Paperback)
This is such a great read and informative book by Donald Riggio, you won't need a bookmark. Probably won't stop reading 'til the end.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Rock 'n' Roll Forever!, March 4, 2011
M. Elliott

This review is from: Seven-Inch Vinyl: A Rock and Roll Novel (Paperback)
An excellent read!! A chance to revisit the 50's and the 60's if you were there then, and if you were not, then it will give you a peek at what it was like then. Donald Riggio has written a fine novel about the music of that era and included historical events for that time as well. The characters are so believable for that time that you will no doubt identify with some if you were around then. I recommend this book to everyone of all ages.

I wish to thank all of you who commented on my work.

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