Monday, July 4, 2011

A Fresh new look:

For the first post on the revised site I thought it would be fitting to offer my sincere thanks to Miss Mary Wilson, a founding member of the most successful female vocal group in the history of music, The Supremes. I met Mary back in 2007 when we both testified before the Nevada State Legislature for the passage of The Truth in Music Bill. When I finished the novel I gathered testimonials from several prominent music industry celebrities to grace the back cover. Jon "Bowzer" Bauman, Terry Johnson from the Flamingos, Larry Chance from the Earls, Kenny Vance, Bernadette Carroll formerly of the Angels and Denise Ferri, one of Murray the K's original dancing girls honored me with their paricipation.

But it was Mary who so graciously consented to writing a foreward for the book. She commented: "...I throughly enjoyed this novel about life in the fifties and sixties and an inside look at the music industry."

She then continued her support when she spoke about the book and her career at a meeting of our Henderson Writers Group where she simply mesmerized an overflow crowd.

Mary, I send you my thanks and much love.


  1. Meeting Mary and hearing her story was both fascinating and a great learning experience for me. She is gracious and thankful for what she has. Posting this blog on today July 4th is very fitting. Mary Wilson is one person who is proud to be an American and proud of everything this country has to offer. True Patriot.
    The new site looks great

  2. Thank you Teresa.