Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Memo to my editor: Please be Kind to them.

Sometime this week I'll be handing over the manuscript for Seven-Inch-Vinyl to my editor. I realize that for the first time, my characters will be under the red pen of someone other than myself. I'm casting them adrift, Joseph and Janet, Teddy, Johnny and Bobby and all the others. Their actions will be open to criticism. Their words subject to change and their motives questioned. They will be out from under my protective wing. I feel angst, guilt and sadness.

I've met my editor. He's a nice guy. He says he's looking forward to working on the book and I believe him. Will he call me if he thinks Cap Stewart is too overbearing? Can I count on him to hear the wonderful lyrical rhythm of my prose? Will he overlook a bit of passive voice, author intrusion and not tell me I'm telling and not showing? I hope so.

Take care of them all while they are in your charge. Phil & Richie curse a lot, I hope you don't mind?

Be kind to them.

The Author

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  1. Yes, I can imagine the feeling. I'm sure Phil and Richie won't bother him. :)

    Great post! I'm so happy for you.