Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Truth in Music

In March of 2007, I was asked by my friend, Jon "Bowzer" Bauman of Sha Na Na, to testify before the Nevada State Legislature as a fan, for the passage of the "Truth in Music Bill." This law makes it an unlawful practice for musical groups with no original members to use the name and perform as the original group. Alongside Jon, Maxine Porter (the wife of the late orginal member of the Drifter's, Bill Pinckney), Sonny Turner (former lead singer of the Platters), and Mary Wilson (one of the original Supremes), we presented a strong case for the Senate Committee. The Truth in Music Law was passed in May, 2007.

Nevada is now one of over 30 states that have this law on the books. I am proud and honored for having some small part in passing this important Legislation which protects the rights of those pioneering performers of Rock and Roll.

Rock and Roll quote of the day: "At Erasmus Hall High School we used to harmonize, me and Benny and Aaron and two Italian guys." From "Looking for an Echo" - By Kenny Vance and the Planotones


  1. I think it's really cool that you were first, invited by Bowser to go and secondly to see the legislation pass! I went to Capital Hill to lobby for moneies for research for Brian's condition and it eventually passed. It's a great feeling when that happens!
    And Congrats on the this website, I really like it.

  2. Very interesting. I'm always amazed that with even one original band member, groups can get away with calling themselves by the band's original name. Just not the same.

  3. This is great Don.. as you know, I am a great advocate of "Truth in Music" and because of that bill in NY the Chaperones were able to maintain our US TRademark over an Impostor group on Long Island.. They did settle with us and they are now a Salute / Tribute group to us..

    The real winner was the public ."The Truth in Music" bill important in our industry. Yet I still feel the industry does need TRIBUTE group also to keep our music alive

    Tommy Ronca