Thursday, March 11, 2010

Seven-Inch-Vinyl Exerpt: Chapter One: Kentucky

Joseph took his folded garrison cap from his belt and placed it on his head. As he walked toward the white building he heard the sound of a guitar playing. It was a simple chord progression in three quarter time sounding jazzy in parts, quite unlike the hillbilly music played on local radio stations or the popular styles of Jazz he remembered from New York. The music came from the inside a mechanic’s bay that adjoined the office. In his curiosity to hear more, Joseph got sidetracked and changed direction. When he got to the open bay door, he peered inside.
There, the hulking figure of an old colored man sat in a wooden rocking chair. He played a six-string acoustic instrument with a fervor and intensity that was, oddly enough, familiar to Joseph. Still undetected, Joseph moved to get a better look at the musician.
The guitar player had a full head of white hair. His face appeared unshaven for several days, the bristles of his white beard showed prominently against his dark complexion. Based on his weather worn and wrinkled features, Joseph put his age to be somewhere in his sixties.
He worked the fret board with his left hand to form harmonious bar chords. Joseph took note that at times he bent the strings against the frets to produce a moaning sound. He plucked the strings with the fingers of his right hand without the use of a pick to create a bass and rhythm pattern at the same time.
The results were rich in tone owing to the high quality of the guitar, the deftness of the musician and the echo effect created by the high ceiling of the hollow garage bay. When the old man saw Joseph, he stopped playing and smiled at his visitor.
“Howdy,” He said from behind a wall of white teeth...

Rock and Roll quote of the day: "I knew when you saw him you wouldn't ignore him and he'd be the one you'd choose." From "He's in Town." By: The Tokens