Friday, March 19, 2010

Seven-Inch-Vinyl: Character Profiles: Teddy Boyette/ Cap Stewart

(From the unpublished novel. Copyright 2010, Donald Riggio):

A ruggedly handsome and talented young man from Hardin, Kentucky, Teddy is sixteen when we meet him, the son of farmers George and Jean Boyette. Teddy learned to play guitar from Chanticleer, but has recently developed a unique new style all his own. After he wins a school talent contest and plays at Hardin's Fourth of July celebration, he decides he wants to make music his livelihood. He strikes out for the music Mecca of Memphis, Tennessee. There he runs afoul of a record company executive of great influence. Teddy also meets and is seduced by an older woman, a waitress named Dee,who stakes him to new clothes and a place to stay in exchange for sexual favors.

Teddy soon comes to the attention of Cap Stewart, a carney man, turned music promoter who runs "Cap Stewart's Caravan," a traveling troupe that showcases new, musical talent. He proves highly successful, and after one short tour on the circuit, Teddy is headlining the shows. Seeing his great potential, Cap Stewart signs him to an exclusive management contract.

Rock and Roll quote of the day: "I could root for the Yankees from the bleachers...and not have to worry about teachers..." From: School is Out, By: Gary U.S. Bonds

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